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This site, originally launched during the summer of '98, was down for some time. Now, with a little extra time and my renewed faith in Chris Jericho, The LionHeart Foundation is once again alive!!

Chris Jericho, a five time WCW World Cruiserweight Champion and former WCW World Television Champion, is the most talented young star in WCW history! He has beaten, and humiliated, the best of WCW's roster! Jericho is the one and only phenom of WCW!!

Chris is apparently touring with the metal band "Fozzy Ozzbourne". I hear he does a pretty dead-on Micheal "P.S." Hayes impersonation too. :) Anyway, I also heard that the band is cool too. I guess Chris finally has something stable to fall back on case this wrestling thing dosen't work out for him. ;)

Enjoy the site!

Name: "Lionheart" Chris Jericho

Real Name: Chris Irvine

Weight: 225 lbs.

Height: 6' 0"

Birthdate: November 9th, 1970

Born(City): New York, New York

Hometown: Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada

Current Lives In: Orlando, Florida, USA

Training: Hart Brothers Pro Wrestling Camp(Calgary)

Pro Debut: October 2nd, 1990

Father: Ted Irvine(NHL player late '60s-late '70s)



note: if any of the above info is incorrect...please let me know.

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