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The LionHeart Timeline

Last Update: 8/26/99

June-Sept 1990Trained at Hart Bros. Pro Wrestling Camp(Calgary)
10/2/90Chris made his pro wrestling debut
1991-1992Chris worked the Canadian independent cicuit
8/92Worked for Bay Area Wrestling(San Francisco)
Nov-Dec 1992Began working in Monterrey, Mexico
1/29/93Won Canadian Heavyweight Championship from Biff Wellington
4/23/93Debuted for EMLL in Mexico City
7/21/93Won WWA Tag Team Championship with El Dandy
9/12/93 - 10/18/93Debuted in CWA(Hamburg, Germany)
12/4/93Won NWA Middleweight belt from Mano Negra
1/7/94Won Canadian Middleweight belt from Steve Rivers
2/24/94Debuted for WAR(Japan)
3/7/94Debuted for SMW(Tennessee)
3/3/95Won Junior Heavyweight Tournament from Negro Casas in Mexico City
3/26/95Lost to Gedo in final of WAR International Junior Heavyweight Belt Tournament in Japan
6/4/95Won WAR International Junior Heavyweight Belt from Gedo in Japan
6/7/95Beat Ultimo Dragon in Junior Heavyweight Title defense in Japan
12/13/95Appeared in Super J Cup-2nd stage losing to Wild Pegasus in 2nd round
2/2/96Debuted in ECW(Philadelphia)
2/23/96Won WAR International Junior Heavy Tag Team belts w/Gedo in Japan
2/26/96Defeated Jushin Liger and Takaiwa in International Junior Tag belt defense
6/1/96Appeared in Antonio Inoki World Peace Festival against Bam Bam Bigelow and Konan(Los Angeles)
6/22/96Won ECW TV Title from Pitbull #2 in Philadelphia
8/20/96Debuted in WCW beating Mr. JL
9/15/96Made PPV debut against Chris Benoit
1/22/97Named "Newcomer Of The Year" by readers of WCW Magazine
1/29/97Debuted in New Japan Pro Wrestling
5/16 - 6/5/97Competed in New Japan's Top of the Super Jr Tournament. Finished-tied for 3rd with Jushin Liger and Shinjiro Otani
6/28/97Won WCW Cruiserweight title from Syxx in Los Angeles
8/12/97Beat Alex Wright for second Cruiserweight title reign
9/23/97Completed 30th tour of Japan
9/25/97Inducted into Canadian Wrestling Hall Of Fame
1/24/98Won third WCW Cruiserweight title from Rey Mysterio Jr.
2/22/98Defeated Juventud Guerrera in a "mask vs. title" match
7/13/98Won fifth WCW Cruiserweight title from Rey Mysterio Jr.
8/10/98Won the WCW Television title from Stevie Ray
1/17/99Defeated Perry Saturn in a match where the loser must wear a dress
6/30/99Signed with the WWF
8/9/99Debuted on RAW IS JERICHO in a segment with The Rock

note: all information above was taken from the Chris Jericho Website