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Jericho Pics

Last Update: 1/12/99

I just figured that since everyone else took this picture
I might as well too.
Since I took the other one, why not this one? :)
The LionHeart flys!!!!
...and he can sing too!!
Jericho's first shirt...made by Mexican bootleggers.
Another humble pre-match interview by our Hero with "Bore-Us" Malenko.
Does Bischoff know about this?
JJ Dillion SUCKS!
THE coolest animated gif on the net today!!
The luckiest little kid in all of Mexico!
Is it just me, or did Chris used to look a little like Jeff Jarrett??
Since my spanish sucks, I'll let you translate.
I've run out of things to say.....finally.
"The Last Survivor Of The Stu Hart Dungeon"!!
note to WCW: THIS is wrestling!!
More wrestling!!
J-Crown group shot
Our hero along with the original Tiger Mask!
Chris vs. Ultimo Dragon
225 lbs. of twisted steel and sex appeal!
I WANT YOU(to be a Jerichoholic)!
Nothing to do with Chris...just a little head.
Chris' first "failed gimmick"(The Phoenix).
Chris' second "failed gimmick"(The Parasite)!
Chris wins the NWA belt in Mexico!
The Antonio Inoki Peace Festival
For the third time....your WCW World Cruiserweight Champion!
Hey Gene Mean, shine your head for a quarter?
Chris & Gedo w/ the WAR International belts
Our rolemodel during one of his five cruiserweight title reigns
On his way to another successful title defense!
Look out Micheal Buffer!
The Extreme Paragon Of Virtue!
Tale Of The 'Tamer(Rey Mysterio Jr.)
Tale Of The 'Tamer(Juventud Guerrera)
Tale Of The 'Tamer(Dean Malenko)